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These configurations all assume you have done "make samples" in your asterisk source directory.
These are also the MOST COMMON configurations, so don't completely depend on them to work with what you are doing.

- X100P
- DevKit(TDM)
- T100P
- E100P
- TE410P/TE405P
- Iaxy

Tips and tricks

  • An FXO module can't be used on the first port of the TDM card when using FXS on the card also.

  • Reported that g.729 works on HP CC3300 systems using SCSI
    and also on SuperMicro 6011 systems using SCSI controller
    Adaptec 7892 with soft raid 0.

  • Check out asterisk stable
    cvs co -r v1-0_stable asterisk

    Channel: Zap/1/4286111
    Application: Playback
    Data: demo-congrats

  • Pat loop test
    Edit zaptel.conf and put the channels in clear
    run ztcfg
    run patlooptest /dev/zap/1
    to generate the tests do "make tests" in the zaptel source.

  • Send all 0's to channels (not sure why)
    in zaptel.c change the following:
    ", 0xff" to ", 0"

  • Lower flash timing
    in zaptel.h change the value 150 to 75
    #define ZT_MAXPULSETIME (150 * 8)

  • H323 install
    Follow the README in the channel driver
    Put the pwlib and openh323 source in your /root dir to make things simpliar
    You will need to export these variables and add it to /etc/profile
    export PWLIBDIR
    export OPENH323DIR
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    Add this to your /etc/
    Then run "ldconfig"
    then compile the channel driver

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